In the recent past, ability to create new breakthrough and feasible innovative ideas that would create value was considered as a gift. As a result innovation was difficult or even not possible to manage. These days the situation has been changing. A major impact on redefining innovation has been produced by TRIZ, a practical and systematic methodology of supporting the innovation front-end which quickly gained reputation as the best practice of innovation at a number of world-leading corporations.

TRIZ Pillars

Methods and tools of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation organize and support a process from dealing with ill-defined initial situations towards producing and selecting new ideas with the highest value/costs ratio thus making dealing with an innovation "fuzzy front-end" manageable and predictable. Selection of the TRIZ tools and techniques depends on a particular task: either we want to solve a specific problem but we do not know how to do it, or we would like to innovatively improve an existing technical, business or social system, or we target discovering opportunities to create new technologies, products and services.

A basic process with TRIZ

TRIZ makes it possible to establish a well-structured process of achieving continuous innovation and developing breakthrough ideas for new products, technologies and services in a systematic way. Added with tools to plan, manage, control and perform innovative processes, TRIZ becomes a key element of modern innovation systems deployed at many organizations across the world which enjoy innovative leadership.

Tasks supported by modern TRIZ

Today, innovation becomes a well-planned activity which integrates a wide range of methods, tools, as well as organizational culture, management support, and other crucial ingredients. Such a system becomes available to everyone involved to innovation processes thus immensely increasing the innovative productivity of organizations and individuals.


Possessing over 15-30 years of practical experience with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation and delivering TRIZ-based services at hundreds of organizations worldwide, trainers and experts from our network help different organizations and individuals to reinforce their innovative potential through all levels of training in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation and by assisting innovative problem solving and development of new generations of products, services, and technologies.

We also developed new TRIZ tools, such as Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+)Value-Conflict Mapping (VCM), Multi-Screen Analysis (MSA), and Technology-Market Evolution Matrix.
To help achieving the highest productivity of innovation, we introduced  Strategic Technology and Business Innovation Program, which transforms innovation from a non-controllable to a predictable process based on a systematic approach. The program integrates training, project facilitation, coaching, and management consulting to achieve both short and long-term results from realizing most of the innovative potential. With several strategic customers and business partners we continuously improve and update the program.


For our publications on TRIZ and Systematic Innovation, please visit our publications page.

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