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Founded and centered in the Netherlands in 2003 by TRIZ Master Valeri Souchkov, ICG Training & Consulting is a company operating within an international network united by the common goals and mission: to develop and bring the most advanced methods and tools which boost, leverage, and manage creative innovation to the market. Among our customers are organizations and people which are willing to not just observe but to create future.

Prior to founding ICG T&C, Valeri Souchkov co-founded Invention Machine Labs in 1989 which pioneered promotion of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation in Western Europe, USA, and Asia. Later he co-founded a number of consulting companies in the area of TRIZ, systematic innovation support and management. He is an active TRIZ and Systematic Innovation developer and author of many publications.

To further disseminate TRIZ knowledge, share experiences of organizations and individuals with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation, and enhance worldwide collaboration within Systematic Innovation community, in 2000 Valeri Souchkov initiated and co-founded the European TRIZ Association (www.etria.eu). He is Board Member and Vice-President of the International TRIZ Official Association (MATRIZ Official, www.matriz-official.net) and Pesident of the International Business TRIZ Association (IBTA, www.biztriz.net).

ICG T&C has licensed representatives and accredited trainers and consultants in Belarus, Czech Republic, Chile, Eastland, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Singapore.

Since April 2012, ICG T&C partners with P41, a company from Antwerpen, Belgium focusing on process innovation.  




bulletTrain, certify, and coach our customers to reach the highest degree of competence with TRIZ, Systematic Innovation and Creative Imagination Development.
bulletEnrich idea-genration sessions with systematic methods.
bulletHelp with generating and selecting best ideas to enable faster and better innovative problem solving.
bulletHelp with exploring future opportunities for products, technologies and services.
bulletHelp with improving innovative thinking skills and developing creative imagination.
bulletAccelerate new intellectual property and value creation. 


bullet Highest level of expertise with technology and business creativity and innovation.
bullet  Global network of innovation and subject matter experts.
bullet  Global network of management consultants.
bullet  Global network of IT companies which have large experience with developing innovation-supporting tools.

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